Rehydrate Homeopathic

ReHydrate to Revitalize!


Why is hydration so important? Your body is 75% water with cells floating around in it. Those cells are you body’s power factories, bringing in nutrients through the permeable cell wall to create energy and releasing waste products and toxins

If cell walls become hardened due to nutrient deficiencies, toxic buildup and/or stress, the cell cannot take in the nutrients it needs to create energy or excrete its waste.

Hardened cell walls also reduce the body’s electrical conductivity and the cell wall’s membrane potential, making it difficult to release the body’s potential energy.

ReHydrate is a proprietary blend of homeopathic remedies and herbs that carry water directly into cells.  It will ensure that your cells are able to utilize the water that you drink.

Experience the benefits of Rehydrate the next time you visit Soulshine. Just ask Dr. Lara for a bottle!

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  1. Kalanjana Dasgupta says:

    How can I collect rehydrate medicine in South kolkata?

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