Gentle Chiropractic

Gentle, Healing Touches

Soulshine Chiropractic is a Brooklyn chiropractor that believes in gentle, soothing care that teaches the body to find relief and peace.

Dr. Lara meets with each patient to gain a full understanding of their medical history, so she can immediately address the problem with the warm, caring hands of a healer.

You’ll notice the difference when you enter the doors of Soulshine. We work to create a peaceful atmosphere that helps relax the body, soul, and mind. As a children’s chiropractor, we believe this environment helps soothe a young person’s anxiety normally associated with a doctor’s visit.

With gentle chiropractic you’ll experience:

  • Gentle treatment that releases subluxations
  • Relief from your physical discomfort
  • Holistic healing using your body, mind, and soul
  • Inner peace as the body heals itself
  • The proper application of the Webster Technique for pregnant women


We Honor Tradition

At Soulshine Chiropractic we realize that people require choices, which is why we also provide traditional chiropractic services from Dr. Phil Kossover.

Available by appointment, Dr. Phil employs more traditional chiropractic healing, which brings balance and pain relief to patients.

For more information, please reach out to us at  (718) 832-7390 or email

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