Bio-Geometric Integration

There are many different methods and schools of thought among practitioners of chiropractic healing.

Soulshine’s Dr. Lara has been using the method of Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) for the past several years because she’s seen the results of this unique, non-traditional approach.

BGI views the entire human body as a whole, and studies how its various parts— bones, muscles, tendons, and organs—work with and against one another, like the trunk and limbs of a tree.

This approach allows the chiropractor to view the different points of the body in relation to geometry. Applying the correct amount of treatment to these points allows the energy stored in the body to release itself.

Using BGI as a tool, Dr. Lara applies the correct amount of force through hands-on palpation and directs the body to correct itself. Soothing, gentle touches release interference, stress, and pain and allow positive healing to begin.

BGI and Its Benefits

The idea of BGI has been allowing chiropractors around the world to release subluxation patterns within the body. This release brings freedom from habitual patterns that cause discomfort.

With BGI you can expect:

  • Your body’s natural balance restored
  • The release of chronic and acute pain
  • An overall increase in feelings of wellness
  • Decreased anxiety levels

BGI methods and teachings are at the core of Dr. Lara’s practice. As she leads you through this process, your body will attain harmony and alignment, which restores vitality and improves your well-being.

Discover how the BGI way can make your life complete, contact us at  (718) 832-7390 or email info@soulshinechiropractic.com.

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