Detoxing for The Summer

Just finished a 7 day detox and I feel great! The cravings I thought I’d have are virtually non-existent. I think that regular detoxes are a great way to adopt heathy eating habits since it slowly trains your body to accept healthier foods while diminishing your cravings for things like flour, sugar, caffeine, and dairy.

Dieting never works, let’s face it. Why? Because it forces you to do something you don’t want to do, give up the food that you love. Detoxing just keeps you from them for a little while and helps you get in tune with what your body REALLY wants. And it wants to be happy and healthy!

I can’t say that I’ll never eat those foods, but I can certainly do without them for some time. Getting adjusted helped as well. Having my nervous system clear of any subluxations helped me to feel more in tune with my body as well as process the changes I was going through and let go!

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