So, my grandmother passed away recently. She was my inspiration in health and wellness. She was always conscious of my sugar intake, always read the ingredients and nutrition labels and made me aware of what I was putting in my body. She always ate enough dairy because it was good for the bones, and she loved fish because it’s healthy for the brain. She exercised everyday and was never on any medications. Ironic that she suffered with Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis…

She gave me some great relationship advice when I was little.  She said, “Lara, when you grow up, you’re going to have a lot of boyfriends.  With each boyfriend there will be at least one thing you’re gonna love about them.  But one day, you’re gonna find the ONE boy with all the ONE qualities that the others had.”  This advice really helped me get over heart breaks easily.  Rather than shut down because so and so dumped me, I would acknowledge what I loved about the person and move on.  This helped my heart break OPEN, rather than break apart.

When I had my first chiropractic adjustment, I was told that I had a subluxation to my heart.  This might explain why I had heart palpitations and perhaps why I felt depressed.  But after that adjustment, I wasn’t depressed anymore.  I had a greater understanding of WHY I felt the way I did, and the heart palpitations became more clear.  When I say clear, I mean my body was communicating with me and the more I listened the healthier I felt.  The adjustment also cleared my depression!

You see, chiropractic is about more than back and neck pain, or sciatica, or headaches.  It’s about feeling clear and healthy from WITHIN!

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