Germs are your friends!

I read this fascinating article in the NY times online about the many microbes that live in and make up who we are.

In chiropractic, we see health from a different paradigm, from an inside-out perspective rather than outside-in. Simply put we believe healing comes from within as long as there is balance and no interference. If dis-ease does manifest in the body, restoring balance to the body is more effective than taking a drug to cover up a symptom.

Now, I understand, sometimes you just want to take that aspirin for that headache, but your body is not suffering with a headache because it’s not producing enough aspirin. Even if you do take that aspirin, wouldn’t you rather have your system in balance and without interference in order to more effectively process that drug?  Perhaps have two glasses of water instead.  Chances are you have a headache because you’re dehydrated…

Anyway! Here is the article so you can read it:

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