5 Tips on correcting breech baby

If your wondering why some babies present in the breech position there are a few reasons for this.  Mind you, there is not much scientific evidence that can validate this theory (not that I know of, anyway), but if you give it some thought, you’ll find that it might ring true to you.  The first reason is physical.  This means that there is a physical issue, ie. old injury, like a fall or accident, that has created a misalignment in the pelvis.  This misalignment may not give baby enough room to move around and thus, it gets stuck in breech.   The good news is that chiropractic can help!  Chiropractic helps to restore proper alignment and balances the spine so the mental impulses can travel more effectively through the neuro-system.  This is a good thing, especially when your body is making another human being.  The second reason is emotional.  Hormones aside, there may be questions and insecurities that a new mother has about having a baby.  As a result, baby likes to stay close to mommy’s heart, as if to say “Mommy, I love you and I chose you”.  Now, I know that this is a bit ‘out there’ for some to accept, but mindset and emotions play a bigger part in what we manifest than we like to think.  The good news is, chiropractic can help with this as well!  You see, when your spine is in proper alignment and the mental impulses are clear and flowing from the brain to the rest of the body, there is balance and clarity in the mind.  We are able to handle stress more effectively with chiropractic care.  If you don’t believe me, then come in for a few adjustments and see for yourself.

Being that I take care of many pregnant women, I hear a lot about the advice they are given to help their little ones turn in the proper position. Here are some informative and unique methods for turning breech babies.

5. Headstands in a pool. If you have access to a pool, get on your swim suit and get in the water! Being in the pool may also help alleviate some physical discomfort that comes with being pregnant. Take about 15-30 minutes to do headstands. Mind you, unless you have SCUBA gear, you’ll only be under water for about 10 seconds or so.

4. Flashlight on your belly. Take a flashlight and shine it right under your belly, between your belly button and pubic bone. Babies seem to respond to light and may turn to see what’s goin’ on down there.

3. Headphones on the belly. Playing music may also work. Get some nice sized headphones and place them under your belly and feel your baby dance :). My cousin did this with her baby and he would turn downward and face the music. Unfortunately, when the music stopped he would turn back around!

2. Version technique. This is something that your OB can do. This may require an epidural and I’ve heard can be a bit uncomfortable. Statistically, this helps about 50% of the time. Two people I know went in for this procedure and ended up having c-sections right afterward due to complications arising from this technique.

1. CHIROPRACTIC!!! Now mind you, I and biased, but what can I say? Chiropractic works!! Why and how does it work? Well, chiropractic helps to restore balance within your neuro-system by removing/releasing subluxations which cause tension in your body. When this tension is released, balance is restored and there is more space for baby to move into it’s proper position. The technique most used on pregnant women is the Webster Technique. This technique focuses on releasing tension in the pelvis and uterus. Case studies have shown that Chiropractic adjustments, particularly the Webster technique, have an 85-91% success rate in turning breech babies!
Chiropractic can also help make pregnancy much easier and birth much faster. I can personally attest to this since my first was born in less than 2 hours and my second in 3 hours.
Now, there is a saying in chiropractic that goes like this: “Chiropractic first, drugs second, surgery last”. While I listed these tips in descending order, when chiropractic is put first, the rest becomes less necessary.
If you would like more information on the benefits of Webster Technique as well as research please feel free to come in and visit us at Soulshine! I know people like links to documentation supporting these claims, but to be honest, I’m not as savvy with this blog yet. When I figure out how to add links to my posts, I’ll be linking like crazy! Until then, come in and check out our printed information and have a conversation with me, Dr. Lara, or Dr. Phil. Until then…
We look forward to serving you 🙂

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  1. Dale greene says:

    Could you provide a reference for the studies that have an 85 to 91% success rate. My son and wife are expecting soon and is still breach.

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