Babies need chiropractic!

Ever since son number two has been born I’ve been doing something that I’m sure most moms do when their baby is fresh and new, I check to make sure he’s still breathing when he sleeps.  From what I understand it’s a normal thing, and while I’ve checked on my first one when he was this tender age, I seem to be checking on my new one a little more often.  Those who come to see me also see baby #2 in his Pack-n-Play, usually asleep.

What makes this child unique is the fact that he sleeps on his belly.  A client of mine expressed concern over this since belly sleeping has been linked to SIDS.  She stated that research has been done that definitely proves that there is a direct link, and that babies who sleep on their belly don’t get enough air in their lungs due to the fact that their head is turned.  Well, there are many things that are linked to SIDS such as viruses and infections that go undetected until it’s too late, as well as adverse reactions to vaccines and other chemical stresses that the newborns are exposed to.  I’m not going to address those issues here, but I will address the issue of belly sleeping as the only cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

You see, when a child is born, be it c-section or vaginal delivery, a subluxation occurs at the atlas.  The Atlas is the first cervical vertebrae which when subluxated impinges the brain stem which regulates our breathing.  The atlas subluxates very easily during the birth process due to the head being twisted, turned, and pulled as the baby is being born.  This is why babies need to be adjusted after birth!!   (My little one got his first adjustment about 5 minutes after he popped out of me.)

If the atlas remains subluxated it will have an adverse effect on the baby’s health and well-being.  If your baby is a belly sleeper like mine is, you definitely want to have their atlas adjusted.  A baby’s adjustment is much more gentle than an adjustment for an adult, because baby’s don’t hold the same kind of tension in their bodies and their muscles are much more soft.

Needless to say, my belly sleeping baby gets his atlas checked regularly.  He also only sleeps on his belly in his crib and other firm surfaces, not on comforters, pillows or beds.  These are important factors to consider when you have a baby that sleeps on it’s stomach, but none more important than that first adjustment!

If you would like to read testimonials and research regarding chiropractic care for children you can come in for a visit and/or check out the website

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