Smart phones, land lines and busy signals

There is a great Woody Allen movie, I think it is Manhattan, where one of the characters would constantly call his secretary and update her with the phone number of the restaurant, apartment or store that he would find himself in.  This was life before cell phones; a time of land lines and busy signals.  My three year old will grow up never knowing what either of these things are.  In fact, when I read Good Night Moon to him a little while ago, I asked him to point to things like the mouse in the house and the bears in chairs.  He had no problem identifying any of these things, but when I said “can you point to the telephone?”, he was stumped.  I couldn’t believe it.  Here was something I took for granted, and my child had no idea!  The only phone he is familiar with are the smartphones that my husband and I have.  My three year old is able to play games, watch movies, call grandma and even text his name on this little device that has stealthily taken control of us.

Did you know that we have become so consumed with these little devices that serious injuries to children 5 and under have gone up exponentially in the past 3 years?  I heard a tragic story of a man who was bathing his 10 month old when his phone rang. Instinctively, he went for his phone leaving his child unattended, a decision I’m sure he regrets…

Well, for the past two months I have not had a cell phone.  At first, I though I’d panic!  What would I do without being able to text and twitter my every move?  Surprisingly, I felt freer. Liberated. As if I had just removed a very tight belt and was finally able to breathe.  If I needed to contact someone, I would call from my office phone, or skype, or my gmail account!  Did you know that you can make free phone calls to anyone in the U.S. from gmail?

From a chiropractic perspective there is a new phenomenon called “text neck”.  As you can imagine it gets its name from our posture as we text.  We not only lose our normal cervical curve, but also reverse it!  This is not healthy for our posture or our well-being!   Aside from feeling sore in the neck, one might also suffer from headaches as well as tension in the body.  So put those cell phones down, look up at the sky and thank heavens for chiropractic!

I have since gotten another cell phone and I’m back to staring at that small screen.  But, after my experience I am committed to staying connected to the world around me.  It’s all about balance and harmony, just like chiropractic.

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