LABOR: It’s not that bad, really

So, I’m getting ready to have my second child. I’m also getting ready to leave my business in the hands of my spouse for my maternity leave. I’m still working right now, gently adjusting all the men, women, children and mommies-to-be that come to my office. I’m due to have my second baby in 3 weeks. It all seems so overwhelming when I think about it. So let’s not think about it. Let’s think about something I truly have no control over; LABOR!

Now, contrary to what other women may feel, labor pains really aren’t that bad. I mean, it’s really nothing you can’t handle. Sure, it’s going to be the most uncomfortable you will ever be, but only for a short while… relatively.

If I can describe them to you, it would go something like this. Imagine the worst menstrual cramps you’ve ever had and multiply it by three. Combine that with the biggest poop you’ve ever had to take and multiply that by three. Add to that about 5 to 10 pounds of pressure on your bladder.  That pretty much describes what a contraction feels like.  At some point you may feel like “when will this end? I can’t take it anymore!”  At that point, if all goes well, you’ll have a baby by the next contraction.

Combine the pain with the feeling that your body just made another human being and is bringing it out into the world… I mean, wow! Your body just made a person!  Focusing on that fact is pretty mind blowing.  Without ever learning how, your body created another human being.  Realizing that as I was in labor made the experience rather Divine.  Who else but God and Woman can make a person so effortlessly?

Amidst the miraculous experience that was my first birth, there is one thing I am grateful for; chiropractic! I got adjusted throughout my first pregnancy and my labor only lasted about 2 hours! In fact, it happened so fast that I didn’t even make it to the hospital! I gave birth on the floor of my bedroom with my husband, two cops, and my mother taking pictures. It was quite exciting!

So, of course, I’ve been getting adjusted throughout my second pregnancy. Not only has it helped me stay physically healthy, but also emotionally and mentally in balance. And this time, we’re actually planning a home birth.

UPDATE:  It will be almost a year since my baby was born.  He was born without complication at home in about 3 hours.  I could not have had such a blissful and uneventful birth had it not been for chiropractic and the help of my midwife, birth assistant and husband.

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