Soulshine Chiropractic wants to heal you body, mind, and soul. Each adjustment at Soulshine brings your body and mind into alignment, which speeds up the healing process and teaches your system how to self heal.

Our gentle touch practices focuses on the Bio-Geometric Integration method, which connects the different geometric spaces of the body to facilitate the release of stress and tension. By locating the source of your symptoms, BGI restores balance and helps the body detoxify.

If you’re looking for a pregnancy chiropractor, Soulshine specializes in working with pregnant women to help relieve the stress put on your body that comes with carrying a child.

We’re also experts in using the Webster Technique, which relieves tension in the pelvis. When this tension is removed, the baby is able to find a natural, comfortable position.

We also provide chiropractic care for children and treat them as their bodies adjust to the environment. Learning to crawl and walk can create stress in a child’s body, which we help relieve.

Besides our hands, we also use quantum physics in our practice. How? By knowing the body’s intricate web of physical and energetic connections, and applying a holistic, gentle approach. The pressure we apply matches the tension you’re feeling for a relaxing release that spreads contented feelings throughout your entire body and soul. Learn more.

Soulshine believes in easing tension and pain in the body of each patient through gentle, supportive healing methods like BGI and the Webster Technique. With each visit, you’ll be guided by our experts and learn how your body’s physical and mental systems align to lessen the discomfort, and bring relief and balance into your world. Learn more.

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